Welcome to the experimentarium

The Experimentarium is a unique program of the University of Burgundy in France, organized by the “Mission Culture Science” (MSC) department. The Experimentarium not only elicits communication between young researchers from the University of Burgundy and the general public, but also provides a space for these interactions to take place.
With this program, researchers from various fields, such as biology, history, mathematics, physics, psychology etc., are given an opportunity to share their knowledge and professional life experience to the general public. By receiving direct feedback from a naive yet captivated audience, researchers might rethink their research questions or appreciate them with a new angle. Similarly, the public gets to know and understand a researcher’s work better, and might integrate science to their everyday lives.

That is the purpose of the Experimentarium: to knock down the gap and encourage a dialogue between researchers and the general public.
We also run workshops for universities and researchers : Download the description of the "Experimentarium Workshop"